JEE Mains Test Series for Free to Crack IIT Exam 2020​

JEE Mains Test Series for Free to Crack IIT Exam 2020

JEE Main 2020 is one of the most competitive engineering entrance exams in the world. JEE Main is a gateway to all the national engineering colleges in India. Every year 1.15 million students prepare and register for JEE. Performance in the JEE Main 2020 directly decides your entry to all NITs, IIITs and CFTIs. Additionally, it also serves as a qualifying exam for JEE Advanced, the performance in which decides your admission to the coveted IITs.

Free JEE Mains 2020 Mock Tests

LearningTree NextGen’s JEE Mains mock test series covers the entire syllabus of JEE Main 2020. These Mock tests are designed subject wise as well.  They are updated as per the latest syllabus and guidelines provided by NTA (National Testing Agency). Each of these papers consists of 75 questions in total with the time limit of 3 hours. After the mock tests, students will get their reports immediate.

We offer subject wise mock tests for JEE and they are completely based on the latest exam syllabus and exam pattern. The mock test provided by LearningTree NextGen covers the whole syllabus and important units for JEE Main 2020. JEE mains mock test 2020 papers are prepared by our experts who have years of experience in teaching and preparation of questions and tests to the students.

JEE Main Mock Test Free Analysis

Clearing the JEE Main 2020 exam needs a lot of determination and in-depth knowledge in each and every concept. It also requires you to manage time efficiently and effectively in the examination center. Speed in the examination should match along with the accuracy level, without accuracy there will not be a good result. Proper time management along with minimum mistakes and maximum marks can only achieve good marks in the exam.

LearningTree NextGen provides free online test series for IIT JEE 2020 along with the analysis. Students can take up the mock tests for which they get the analysis for free. Students can get the below-mentioned points in the analysis.

  • Track each question along with the time spent on every solution of which you attempt.
  • Students can check on the questions that are solved too quickly, it means that the students have guessed it or did not solve it in a proper method or the student was overconfident.
  • If a student is taking more time to solve one question, even that gets tracked and which weak in that particular concept.

LearningTree NextGen gives detailed feedback on the performance of the test taken and complete insight into the way student has taken the test. This will help the students in the longer run, and also, they themselves can understand their weak areas and they can focus more on those topics accordingly.

We, at LearningTree NextGen, have prepared these mock tests based on a statistical level and a particular pattern has been followed with the difficulty levels of the questions. While setting up the paper, our experts keep in mind about various factors like chapter-wise, concept-wise, variation levels of the questions, and previous year papers also play a major part in it. In all these ways, students boost up their confidence level in the actual exam.

Advantages of JEE main Mock tests

Right Strategy

IIT JEE Main Mock tests make you understand the difference between the right preparation and the right strategy. Hence, it is important to know the best strategy to be followed for clearing the tests. The main intention of these mock tests is to help the students realize their position with the chapter or the concept. By this, they can develop the right test-taking strategy by a proper analysis of their performance.

New Technique

Our Mock tests make the students learn a new technique to solve the questions. They can be either short cut techniques or advanced techniques to solve the questions. To solve the questions easily and quickly they try the various methodologies out of one single method. If they seriously solve the mock tests, they will also perform well in their actual exam also. Each mock test gives an opportunity for the students to learn and perform better.

Time Management

Time management plays an important role, especially for the students who are preparing for competitive exams. It is really a difficult task to attempt all the set of questions in the given time because there is a chance of missing on accuracy. Hence, practice more mock tests will help you overcome this problem. Students who prepare for mock tests regularly have a high chance of finishing the exam on time.

Practice and Prepare

Students can solve the problems at a faster pace with practice and a proper understanding of the concept. Mock tests will make them analyse where they are lagging behind and where they need to improve more. They can realize if they are lagging in concepts or in problem-solving or in the application of formulas. They have to be perfect with the basics and then move ahead with the concepts and start giving mock tests.

Self Analysis

After each and every test, a student should spend sufficient time to understand and analyze where they have made mistakes. They can check every section to know their performance. They have to use different ways to complete the test. Before attempting the mock test, the student has to try the methodology which they want to apply and then compare with the solutions. Trying various methods could help to pick up one process which needs to be applied to the final test.

Emphasis on theory

JEE Mains 2020 paper is based on theory and numerical questions. Students should focus more on the theory part because most questions are formed and asked from the theoretical part of the chapters. Moreover, understanding the theory part helps in solving numerical questions easily.

Value for quality over quantity

Instead of selecting all concepts at a time, you need to choose topics from each chapter one by one. This will make your understanding better as there will be less confusion and will take less time with the organized learning approach.

Real exam scenario

As the JEE Main 2020 final examination is basically conducted in an online mode which is computer-based and the questions are asked in the form of MCQs. Thus, it is important for students to get adjusted to the real exam scenario. By solving our specially designed NTA JEE Mock tests and the previous year’s question papers, students will get used to the mode of exam and they shall not face any issue before the exam day. These Mock tests for JEE Mains resemble the actual exam and are maximum based on the latest exam pattern. It actually provides a glance at what exactly happens during the real exam. It is suggestible for the students to take up these tests seriously & this will help students to develop the correct examination nature. These mock tests are also for 3 hours in total and students need to plan on what section to begin with and points that are to be covered in each question.

Helps in quick revision

Taking these IIT mock tests will help the students to revise the topics in an organized way. These tests cover almost the whole syllabus with the important topics on priority and they set these test papers by keeping the syllabus in mind. These papers will let them know the important concepts from the examination point of view. The quick revision also enables the students to pay more attention to the weak areas. Making notes of the important points, formulas, and equations will help you in quick revision and they play a crucial role in the preparation part. These notes will never make you forget about the important points that you have to remember before the exams.

How solving these JEE Mains mock test series will help?

  • Students will understand the paper pattern and marking scheme.
  • Students have a high chance of clearing the JEE Mains 2020 in their first attempt.
  • Helps to understand their strong and weak points in each subject.
  • They will be aware of the challenges and difficulties faced in the actual exam.
  • Make them realize where they are standing and according to that, they can plan their preparation.

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